Welcome to our antique repair and renovation workshop established in 1993. Our services are available to all customers, individual, business and state institutions. Due to our long experience in the area we have ample know-how and expertise in repair and renovation of furniture and other decorative items.

Our services have been provided to numerous Polish and foreign companies and institutions, including foreign embassies as well as to individual customers from Poland and abroad (practically, from all over the world).

We specialize in the restoration of antique furniture, but also in the repair of contemporary, period and avant-garde furniture, conservation of painting and wooden polychrome sculpture and professional repair of antique clock bodies, such as grandfathers’ clocks or wall and mantel clocks.

In cases of more complex, comprehensive repairs we work in cooperation with a professional licensed watchmaker www.staryzegar.pl.

In cases of painting restoration we often work in cooperation with licensed painting conservators. A large low pressure conservation table is available, too.

Our services include:

● Repair of: chairs, armchairs, tables, alcohol cabinets, buffets, desks, dressers, bookcases, wardrobes, sofas, bergere chairs, tables, card tables, chaise longues, dressing tables etc.
● Repair, renovation and conservation of furniture and antiques.
● Renovation and conservation of paintings.
● Repair of various decorative elements.
● Gilding - gilded frames, furniture, mirror frames etc.
● Bole gilding, polish and mat gilding, gold flakes, silver flakes, schlagmetal etc.
● Artistic woodwork, executing furniture copies, supplementing furniture sets and furniture alterations.
● Old clocks, body renovation and conservation, comprehensive repairs in cooperation with a professional watchmakers company. www.staryzegar.pl.
● Repair of enamel and painted clock faces.
● Manufacturing missing furniture fixtures on the bases of the existing ones.
● Repair of old furniture clocks.
● Professional upholstery repairs: chairs, armchairs, sofas, chaise longues of any style, in cooperation with a qualified upholstery company.

Repair of other old artifacts – ask a question +48 601 267 707 or e –mail: info@antik-service.com

IMPORTANT - furniture and other items or paintings infested with woodworms, moths and other insects or infected with fungi shall, on demand, undergo fumigation or disinfection – our, our fumigation chamber guarantees 100% effectiveness. Look pictures >>

- Assessment of flood or fire damage costs, repair of damaged property in transport/moving/resettlement. Estimate of damage repairs for the insurer and repairs according to the estimate.

Cooperation with a reliable transport and moving company in Poland and Europe.

EMERGENCY EXPRESS REPAIRS phone: +48 601 267 707


The following pictures illustrate all the measures employed on our work: conservation of fine old furniture, renovation of antique furniture, repair of old furniture.



The following pictures illustrate some of our other conservation tasks: conservation of old gilded frames, gilded furniture, conservation of stereoscopes, clock bodies – conservation, clock bodies – renovation, clock bodies – repair, sculptures, paintings – conservation, other.