Welcome to my antique conservation workshop

For forty years I have been busy repairing and renovating all kind of furniture and other artifacts, ornamental and antique, of high artistic or purely sentimental  value, antique clocks (solely their bodies, as a qualified watchmaker is dealing with their mechanisms), gilded and plain picture or mirror  frames and many, many others.


In 1979, I graduated from the State Fine Art School in Tarnow with a license of RestorerConservator  (diploma no. 33/79) that permitted me to follow a profession of restoring and renovating various artifacts and works of art, with a specialization in furniture conservation.

In 1980-82 I worked at the Decorative Art Conservation Workshop of the Polish Studios for Conservation of Cultural Property in Warsaw and was honoured with participating in the restoration of the Royal Castle in Warsaw. In the following years, 1983-1988, I worked at the Painting and Polychrome Sculpture Conservation Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, headed by Professor Krystyna Sommer. Subsequently, I have established my own company Conservation and repair of works of art Andrzej Walczyński  which I have managed in its present form continuously since 1.01.1993.


In those years, I have implemented  numerous projects commissioned by various companies and state institutions, foreign embassies, museums and individual customers from Poland or abroad.


One might say that over the years the company has become a family business. Currently, I work in close cooperation with Mrs. Marta Walczyńska-Januszewska, a qualified conservator of painting and polychrome sculpture. We complement one another with our skills and experience in our respective fields and, hence, we are able to  implement many complex and challenging commissions. Our equipment includes all kind of professional tools and appliances indispensable for most intricate jobs, among others, a large low pressure table for the conservation of paintings.

In order to be able to offer a possibly largest range of services we are in contact and we cooperate with many other specialists, for example, for years, we have cooperated with Marek Jakub Biń, a qualified conservator of antique clocks.


We never evade any challenging tasks and whenever necessary, we employ state-of-the-art materials and technologies. A good example was the renovation of all elements of furniture and wooden parts of bulkheads of a luxury Embrayer 135 Legacy passenger plane.

In short, we can handle conservation, renovation  or simple repair of practically any artifact, be it a small table, a wall clock or a flower stand, or any type of furniture, very old but also just contemporary, designer museum items, wooden sculpture, polychrome artifacts, church altars, gilded picture or mirror frames, or even furniture of a luxury plane or yacht.


Top quality of workmanship and state-of-the-art materials are at your disposal.


                                                                      Andrzej Maria Walczyński